Several Maryland Taxes Go Up Today

Today marks the first of several Gas Tax increases, each 1 % or about 3.5 cents per year. The tax increase starts today, with additional increases on 1/1/2015 and 7/1/2015. The current gasoline tax in Maryland is 23.5 cents, and supporters of the tax claim that the tax hasn’t been raised since 1992 and that the highways and bridges are crumbling. Additionally Brian Witte of the Cumberland Times is reporting that if “Federal legislation allowing the states to collect a sales tax on Internet sales does not pass, the sales tax is scheduled to rise another 1% in January 2016.

Tolls on Maryland bridges and tunnels are also set to increase today. Some of the toll increases are 50% increases over the current tolls. The Chesapeake Bay bridge is increasing for 2-axle vehicles from $4 to $6, and tolls on Routes 95 and 40 will increase from $6 to $8.

In other tax-increase news, 10 of the most populous counties in Maryland are required to have raised taxes to clean up the Chesapeake Bay today. Carroll County voted to not collect a new tax but will instead shoulder the burden by using existing revenue. Frederick County raised their taxes by 1 cent, while Anne Arundel County voted to tax most residents $85, while some residents may see a bill as high as $170. Howard County is debating lowering the tax increases that they already passed, but currently many single family homeowners will pay between $90-150.

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