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Larry Hogan to Face Anthony Brown: Hogan Comes Out Swinging

Wednesday, June 25th, 2014

Larry Hogan won the Maryland Republican Party’s nomination for Governor last night. Anthony Brown also secured his party’s nomination for Governor on the Democratic side. And as the digital ink is barely dry on the primary ballots, the Hogan Rutherford team has already come out swinging in a stinging new YouTube ad.

Governor O’Malley put his Lt. Governor in charge of Maryland’s rollout of the Affordable Care Act. Unfortunately after spending anywhere from $125-175 Million on the website, they decided that it wasn’t fixable and the scrapped it. This new ad puts Brown on blast for his failure of leadership over this massive waste of Maryland taxpayer dollars.

Primary Election – June 24th, 2014

Monday, June 23rd, 2014

Well, Primary Election day is upon us. If you are like the 95% of Marylanders who didn’t early vote, June 24th is the official Primary Election day. Please make sure that you exercise your civic duty and let your voice be heard. The polls will be open from 7AM until 8PM.

If you are not sure where to vote, you can look up your info here:

You can also use the above link to determine what districts you live in. This will list your congressional district, legislative district, and council district.

The early voting totals are in. Of the 2 Million eligible Democrats in Maryland, 5.14% voted. Of the not quite 1 Million eligible Republicans in Marland, 3.59% voted. Interestingly enough the two counties and parties with the highest overall percentage of early votes were Talbot Republicans 12.5% and Queen Anne’s Republicans 9.2%.

Lollar Invitation to Gaithersburg Parade in Fairfax, VA?

Friday, March 14th, 2014

I was just invited to a Gaithersburg St. Patricks Day parade in…Fairfax, VA? Obviously someone hit submit too soon, or before checking their work.

Also the link for more information: doesn’t work and takes you to a generic page of events that doesn’t include the parade.


Update: The correct link is

Election 2014: Howard County

Thursday, February 27th, 2014

Well the filing date for candidates to file to run in Maryland has come and gone this week in Maryland. So we now know who is running in what districts and whether they will have a contested primary or contested general election. Since I am a Howard County resident, I have decided to provide a somewhat in depth look at the candidates in each of Howard’s 3 (or 4) legislative districts.

District 9


2 Democratic Candidates, so there will be a primary.

1 Republican Candidate, so no primary

Delegate 9A – 2 Seats

2 Democratic Candidates (Primary)

5 Republican Candidate (Primary)

Delegate 9B – 1 Seat

2 Democratic Candidates (Primary)

2 Republican Candidate (Primary)

District 12

(Portions in both Howard and Baltimore Counties)


1 Democratic Candidate (no primary)

1 Republican Candidate (no primary)

Delegate – 3 Seats

10 Democratic Candidates (Primary)

3 Republican Candidate (no primary)

District 13


1 Democratic Candidate (no primary)

1 Republican Candidate (no primary)

  • Jody Venkatesan

Delegate – 3 Seats

5 Democratic Candidates (Primary)

  • Frank Turner, Incumbent
  • Shane Pendergrass, Incumbent
  • Vanessa Atterbeary
  • Fred Eiland
  • Nayab Siddiqui – Husband of Janet Siddiqui
  • Janet Siddiqui – Dropped her candidacy, will remain on HoCo School Board

3 Republican Candidate (no primary)

2016 Elections

Primary - 4/5/2016
General - 11/8/2016

Races to Watch

U.S. Senate

Barbara Mikulski (D) is retiring.

Top (D) Candidates
Donna Edwards
Chris Van Hollen

All 8 House Seats are up for election.

Current Representatives
1st - Andy Harris (R)

2nd - Dutch Reppersberger (D)

3rd - John Sarbanes (D)
Top candidates Dr. Mark Plaster (R).

4th - Donna Edwards (D) - running for Senate
Top candidates Anthony Brown (D), Glenn Ivey (D), George McDermott (?)

5th - Steny Hoyer (D)

6th - John Delaney (D) - may run for Senate
Top (R) candidates David Vogt (R), Kathy Afzali (R), Neil Parrott (R), Mike McKay (R).

7th - Elijah Cummings (D) - may run for Senate
Top candidates Calvin Ball (D), Corrogan Vaughn (R).

8th - Chris Van Hollen (D) - running for Senate
Top (D) candidates Kumar Barve, Valerie Ervin, Kathleen Mattews, Jamie Raskin
Top (R) candidates Frank Howard - potential