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“We Have To Pass The Law To See What’s In The Law” – Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D)

Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

Remember when then House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D) said we had to pass Obamacare to find out what’s in it? Well she should ask the now over 5 Million newly uninsured what’s in it. This law is a disaster and will only get worse.

Government is just not effective or efficient enough to manage a massive takeover of the healthcare system. We could have changed some of the rules (like being on your parents insurance until your 26, and requiring insurers to cover preexisting conditions, etc.) without this government takeover. It is just a shame, and people are finally seeing what we have been talking about for the last 3 years.

They had 3 years to set up a website for the Affordable Care Act, and they couldn’t even get that right.

2016 Elections

Primary - 4/5/2016
General - 11/8/2016

Races to Watch

U.S. Senate

Barbara Mikulski (D) is retiring.

Top (D) Candidates
Donna Edwards
Chris Van Hollen

All 8 House Seats are up for election.

Current Representatives
1st - Andy Harris (R)

2nd - Dutch Reppersberger (D)

3rd - John Sarbanes (D)
Top candidates Dr. Mark Plaster (R).

4th - Donna Edwards (D) - running for Senate
Top candidates Anthony Brown (D), Glenn Ivey (D), George McDermott (?)

5th - Steny Hoyer (D)

6th - John Delaney (D) - may run for Senate
Top (R) candidates David Vogt (R), Kathy Afzali (R), Neil Parrott (R), Mike McKay (R).

7th - Elijah Cummings (D) - may run for Senate
Top candidates Calvin Ball (D), Corrogan Vaughn (R).

8th - Chris Van Hollen (D) - running for Senate
Top (D) candidates Kumar Barve, Valerie Ervin, Kathleen Mattews, Jamie Raskin
Top (R) candidates Frank Howard - potential